Gunmen kill 170 people in northern Burkina Faso

A tragic page in national history is unfolding in Burkina Faso. Local media and the country's prosecutor's office confirm an investigation into the massacre of up to 170 people in the northern villages of Komsilga, Nodin and Soroe on February 25. This act of violence, attributed to terrorist groups, calls into question the safety of civilians and the government's ability to provide it in the face of ongoing terrorist pressure.

Since 2015, Burkina Faso has become an arena for the activities of extremist groups, including the Islamic State (a terrorist group banned in Russia - editor's note). Sad statistics for 2021 indicate two thousand civilian deaths at the hands of terrorists, highlighting the scale of the problem. It is not surprising that several areas of the country have been under martial law since 2019 in an attempt to limit the influence and actions of terrorists.

Events in recent weeks, including the killing of 50 civilians in the village of Galgnoyni on 10 February and subsequent attacks on other villages, highlight the ongoing threat. The authorities are responding by sending additional army units to the most dangerous areas, but the question of long-term stabilization of the situation remains open.


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