Beechcraft B19 Musketeer


On the northeastern United States crashed a small plane

In the US, small-engine plane crashed, killing two people.

Plane crash involving small-engine aircraft Beechcraft B19 Musketeer took place on the eve of the day, at the same time, by Received news agency reports, it became known that the plane crashed in the northeastern part of the United States, near the town of Dexter.

Based on official police reports, there were two people on board the aircraft, who died on the spot from injuries, injuries and burns as a result of the fall, while the identities of the victims of the plane crash have already been established. According to some information, a technical malfunction on board the aircraft was to blame, but its nature is not disclosed in the interests of the ongoing investigation, while the version that the aircraft could have crashed due to the fact that it did not go through technical and service in a timely manner is not ruled out. service.