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Explosions in Voznesensk


Explosions occurred at the warehouses of the 3623rd Central Arsenal of Ammunition and Weapons

At night, powerful explosions occurred near the city of Voznesensk in southern Ukraine. Eyewitnesses reported several loud bangs, while at the moment it is not known for certain whether we are talking about the use of rocket weapons or whether the strikes were carried out using Geranium kamikaze drones.

At first, local information resources reported about the operation of air defense systems, and an air raid alert was declared in the region. However, it later became known that the explosions probably occurred on the territory of the 3623rd central arsenal of ammunition and weapons. Residents of Voznesensk noted two bright flashes, behind which sounds similar to secondary explosions could be heard, which may indicate a secondary detonation of ammunition located on the territory of the warehouse.

In addition, next to the arsenal there is a military airfield, the activity of which has increased in recent days. This suggests that the arsenal may have stored Storm Shadow and SCALP missiles, which were likely the main target of the attack.


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