In Stock airport "Domodedovo" ancient sculptures were found.


In Stock airport "Domodedovo" ancient sculptures were found.

December 14 2013. Customs officers airport "Domodedovo" a place of temporary storage of ancient sculptures were found. They were in the warehouse, "Domodedovo Cargo" and prepared for shipment to the United States as a gift figurines.

Submitters stated that the total cost does not exceed two statuettes $ 1 thousand. However, experts in cultural property east of the museum told that to export cooked sculpture of Buddha (Tibet XVIII century) and sculpture Tsongkhapa (Mongolia XIX century). The average cost of the two sculptures exceeds 10 million. Rubles.

Actions senders will be treated as signs of a crime under the smuggling of cultural property.

The cultural values ​​of the country should remain in the territory of this country. With these "scoundrels" serious penalties should be levied in favor of the State in order to discourage others bylo.Chto for people, for their own profit stop at nothing ... The whole country are ready to take away.!