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Hypersonic tactical missile systems may replace Iskander

The replacement of the Russian Iskander OTRK can be made with tactical hypersonic cruise missiles.

After representatives of the Russian defense department announced their intentions to develop ground-based tactical missile systems, which will replace the Iskander OTRK, there were suggestions that we are talking about the very missile systems that were entrusted to the development of Russian President Vladimir Putin - then Russian the leader proposed to "ground" the "Dagger" hypersonic missile systems.

Today, the capabilities of the Russian Iskander and Iskander-M missile systems are quite enough to suppress almost any enemy, however, given the need to create a new generation of missile systems, experts believe that hypersonic speed will become a key feature of the latter, and, probably , increased to 1,5-2 thousand kilometers target destruction range.

“The treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles is now considered invalid, and Russia may well develop such weapons. Having received the ability to deliver multiple accurate tactical strikes at ranges of up to 1,5-2 thousand kilometers, the newest OTRK with hypersonic missiles, which will be impossible to shoot down, will be the maximum response to strengthening the NATO grouping near the Russian borders. ", - the analyst underlines.

It should be noted that today the maximum range of strikes with the use of Russian Iskander OTRK does not exceed 500 kilometers.

OTRK Volga, we fasten the second stage and the detachable warhead to the Oka (Iskander).