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Complained to Transaero for dumping air ticket prices

AnywayAnyday travel agency complained to the airline "Transaero"For dumping prices for air tickets.

An open letter from the general director of the online travel agency AnywayAnyday was sent to the leadership of the Russian airline, and according to information received by the portal, the company's representatives in the letter tried to accuse Transaero of intentionally lowering their air ticket prices.

Nevertheless, the specialists clarify that such actions by the air carrier can be regarded as an attempt to optimize their operations, which representatives of the airline said in the spring of 2015 of the year. It is assumed that an attempt to force the airline to obey any of the rules will only lead to the aggravation of the conflict, and obviously will not bring positive moments for the agency AnywayAnyday.

Attempts to blame the air carrier "Transaero" for any dumping of prices according to experts' opinions are nothing more than a "shaking of the air," while experts note that the absurdity of accusations is that by its low prices the air carrier is trying to discourage clients from other companies, although In fact, the air carrier is one of the largest in Russia.


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