Telegram channel "Supernova" arrested in Ukraine


The administrator of the telegram channel "Supernova" was arrested in Ukraine.

The administrator of the popular Ukrainian Telegram channel "Supernova" was under arrest and is in a pre-trial detention center. At the court hearing, he was charged under articles 109, 114-2, 258, 258-5, 260, 261, 437 and 442 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

According to information provided by the court, the channel administrator is accused of publishing information about the movement of military equipment across the territory of Ukraine, as well as into the territory of the country, and posting data about fortifications. These actions are classified as a threat to national security and support of terrorist activities.

The Telegram channel "Supernova" was known for its publications related to military topics and the movement of troops, while the channel actively discredited the Russian side.


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