In Ukraine, the BMP-2 was destroyed in an extremely unusual and simple way

The sappers outwitted the crew of the BMP-2 and destroyed the combat vehicle in an unusual way.

The infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2 was destroyed in a rather non-standard way. As it became known, the sappers were smart and simply outwitted the driver of the armored combat vehicle, forcing him to blow up his own combat vehicle.

As it became known, the sapper unit made a mining of a country road and simulated the setting of an anti-tank mine of an unknown type right on the road. However, as it turned out, in reality, the mine was laid on the side of the road, and as soon as the driver of the infantry fighting vehicle noticed a possible mine installation zone, he tried to go around it along the side of the road, not noticing the mine installed in the grass and blowing up a combat mine on it. technique.

On the presented video frames, taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see the entire chain of events that took place. As a result of hitting an anti-tank mine, the infantry fighting vehicle received critical damage and was completely destroyed. The fate of the BMP-2 crew remains unknown. At the same time, so far a lot of questions are raised by the fact why the BMP-2 moved independently, and not as part of a military convoy.