Helicopter accidentally shot down from Grad in Ukraine

In Ukraine, they report a helicopter shot down from the Grad MLRS.

In Ukraine, a helicopter was accidentally shot down from a multiple launch rocket system. Such information was unofficially publicized a few days ago. The type of combat vehicle is not disclosed, and equally it is not disclosed which side carried out strikes with multiple launch rocket systems.

According to sources, the helicopter was launching unguided rockets, however, a volley was unexpectedly fired from the Grad multiple launch rocket system, as a result of which the rotorcraft received critical damage and fell to the ground. It is noteworthy that Kyiv did not officially report the destruction of rotorcraft. In addition, today it is known that launches of unguided aircraft missiles from a low altitude "canopy" are carried out only by Ukrainian helicopters.

To date, this is the first known case, although officially or not documented, when an aircraft was shot down using multiple launch rocket systems.

“In principle, there is nothing special about destroying a helicopter from a MLRS, however, given the unpredictability of the trajectory and flight speed, this is quite difficult. If the case in Ukraine is confirmed, then it will definitely become the most unique in history.”, - the analyst notes.