In Ukraine, an unknown helicopter was shot down from MANPADS

The MANPADS operator caught a helicopter hiding from air defense and successfully shot it down.

Attempts by military pilots to hide the presence of helicopters at ultra-low altitudes turned out to be completely unpromising. As it became known, the operator of a MANPADS of an unidentified type successfully caught a rotary-winged combat vehicle, and as soon as the latter made a maneuver with the launch of unguided missiles, a missile was immediately launched at it, which shot down the helicopter.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the operator of the portable anti-aircraft missile system is waiting for the moment until the combat helicopter rises to a sufficient height in order to launch a missile at it.

As soon as the rotorcraft is fired by unguided missiles, a MANPADS is fired immediately. And, probably, without waiting for a hit, another missile is immediately launched. However, judging by the flash against the background of the helicopter and the sharp drop in altitude by the latter, the rotorcraft was hit by the very first missile. How critical are the damage to the helicopter and what type of rotorcraft are we talking about, the sources do not report.

A little earlier, there was information that a helicopter from the Grad MLRS was shot down in Ukraine.