Intensified mobilization began in Ukraine

Starting today, intensified mobilization begins in Ukraine, providing for a number of new measures and restrictions for citizens. The country's authorities are strengthening control over the implementation of mobilization obligations and introducing harsh penalties for those evading military service.

Citizens who evade mobilization may lose their right to drive vehicles - they also face fines ranging from 17,000 to 25,000 hryvnia. In case of non-payment of fines, property may be seized and funds may be written off from accounts. Persons who fail to appear at the territorial recruitment and social support center (TCS) after being served with a summons and undergoing a military treatment commission (MTC) may be subject to criminal liability.

TCC employees or police will take photos and video recordings when checking documents.

Men aged 18 to 25 years, as well as other categories of citizens, must have a military registration document with them and present it at the request of TCC representatives, police officers or employees of the State Tax Service of Ukraine (STS). Citizens recognized as partially fit for military service must re-pass a military medical commission. Persons who received disability group II or III after February 24, 2022 (except for military personnel) are required to undergo a repeat medical examination to determine suitability for service.

As experts note, Kyiv is trying to find new reserves, however, even taking into account these innovations, the situation for Kyiv is clearly negative.


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