In Ukraine, they announced the invasion of three Belarusian fighters

Ukrainian media reported about the invasion of three Belarusian fighters into the airspace of Ukraine.

At night, Ukrainian information resources and Telegram channels spread information that three Belarusian fighter jets, flying near the border with Ukraine, violated the airspace of the country, in connection with which the air defense and air force units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were alerted. The incident allegedly took place shortly before midnight, however, the Belarusian side has not officially confirmed this information.

“In Lutsk, Lvov and Vasilkov, three Belarusian fighters were raised on combat alert due to the intrusion into the airspace of Ukraine”, - reports the "Telegram" channel "Punisher UA".

Information on this matter began to quickly spread through military chats and social networks, however, no details were presented on this subject, although the fighters of the Belarusian Air Force do often fly near the Ukrainian border, due to the accumulation of forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this direction.

So far, there are no official denials from the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on this matter, however, the information is likely to be unreliable, since Ukraine has recently been actively disseminating information of a provocative nature, deliberately drawing Russia and its allies into an information war.

Обновлено 19/01/2022 06:43:

Information about the combat alert received a refutation.

And what Ukraine wanted when their helicopter flies into the territory of Belarus is a normal combat helicopter, and the Belarusian plane that flew along the border caught the border of Ukraine with its wing, the so-called raise high, also Ukraine must understand that it is impossible to kill Russian Slavs in the Donbass with impunity that retribution is close and no NATO or The EU will not be able to protect the current government of terrorist Ukraine



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