A fallen and practically intact cruise missile ZP-14 "Caliber" was discovered in Ukraine

A practically intact 3P-14 Kalibr cruise missile was found in the Vinnitsa region.

Local residents found a fallen 3P-14 Caliber cruise missile in the Vinnitsa region. The latter received some damage to its structure as a result of the fall, however, judging by the photographs, the rocket has a whole structure - it has preserved its warhead, guidance tools and control system unit. The missile was handed over to the Ukrainian military, however, there is a risk that in the near future NATO may also get the missile for further study.

In the photographs presented, you can see the crash site of the 3P-14 Kalibr cruise missile.

The missile structure was damaged in terms of its integrity, however, no traces of damage to the warhead, guidance and control systems were found.

The reasons for the fall of the rocket remain unknown, however, despite the statements of the Ukrainian military that it was shot down, experts draw attention to the fact that it is impossible to say for sure - there are no signs of being hit by anti-aircraft missiles on the rocket and, more than likely, the fall could have occurred due to technical reasons or under the influence of electronic warfare equipment.

Against the background of the fact that the overall structure of the missile and its main elements were not affected, there is a very serious risk that the missile could be transferred to NATO for further study, especially since the Russian "Caliber" is very interesting to the West in terms of its invulnerability, range and high efficiency.