In Ukraine, they fear a strike by a modernized Alrosa submarine

Kyiv fears strikes from the latest Russian submarine Alrosa.

Thanks to the modernization of this diesel-electric submarine, its capabilities have been significantly expanded, which allows it to deliver high-precision strikes with Caliber cruise missiles. Considering that the real capabilities of the modernized Black Sea Fleet submarine have not yet been clarified, Ukraine is seriously worried that after the completion of the tests, this submarine can bring down extremely unexpected, but very destructive strikes on the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to available information, the Alrosa submarine carries 4 Kalibr cruise missiles on board, which, as it turned out, as part of the ongoing special military operation, is more than enough to inflict high-precision and destructive strikes on the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military infrastructure Ukraine.

Of particular concern to the Ukrainian military is the fact that almost nothing is known about the characteristics of the modernized and, in fact, the latest Russian submarine in the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, and therefore the submarine can become a very serious challenge for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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