Ukraine denies Washington's ban on attacks on Russian refineries

The Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States of America Oksana Markarova said that Washington did not put forward official bans on Kyiv attacks on Russian oil refineries by the Ukrainian army. The publication “European Truth” reports this. In her speech, Markarova emphasized that, despite the existing restrictions on the use of American weapons outside Ukrainian territory, no corresponding instructions have been received on this issue.

The context of these statements takes on particular relevance against the backdrop of growing tensions between Kiev and Washington over issues of military tactics. In particular, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky expressed dissatisfaction with the US request not to carry out attacks on Russian oil refining facilities, which could worsen already tense relations between the countries.

Experts emphasize that such attacks can have far-reaching consequences, including risks for the global economy due to a possible increase in energy prices.


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