20 strategic bombers are expected to strike in Ukraine

Ukraine is expecting one of the largest strikes by Russian strategic bombers.

According to the Ukrainian military, in the near future, one of the largest missile strikes may be launched on the territory of Ukraine. According to Ukrainian sources, in total, up to 20 strategic bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces can be involved in strikes, and given the serious problems with Ukrainian air defense systems, the latter may turn out to be almost critical for the energy and military spheres of Ukraine.

Considering that each Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic bomber is capable of carrying 12 tactical and strategic cruise missiles, the total strike may include 240 missiles. Today this is a big problem even for advanced air defense systems, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine have only a small stock of modern Western air defense systems.

It should be noted that there are no official statements from Russia regarding the preparation of massive strikes against Ukraine's energy and military infrastructure, however, this can seriously aggravate Kyiv's position, since the latter is absolutely not ready for the development of such a situation.


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