In Ukraine, showed the consequences of hitting a heavy armored car on an anti-tank mine

The anti-tank mine did not leave the heavy armored car a single chance.

A heavy armored car moving near the village of Rubizhne (Kharkiv region) ran into an anti-tank mine at high speed. Despite the presence of armor, the ammunition did not leave a single chance for an armored combat vehicle. At the same time, the armored car was literally cut into two parts by fragments of a mine, one of which was thrown back at a distance of almost 20 meters from the place of detonation.

The presented photographs show the consequences of an unidentified armored vehicle colliding with a TM-62 anti-tank mine. Despite the fact that the armored car was moving at high speed, the vehicle was cut into two parts by fragments of a mine, leaving no chance for the three soldiers inside. It is noteworthy that the mine was placed shortly before the passage of the armored combat vehicle, since this road had previously been cleared of mines and therefore it was assumed that it was safe to be on it.

According to a number of data, the explosion of an armored car occurred a few days ago, while it is known that on June 18 the destroyed armored car was already seen on video frames, which is also confirmed by sources familiar with the situation.