Su-24 bombers


Su-24 bomber crashed in Ukraine - operation of all combat vehicles stopped

In Ukraine, a front-line bomber Su-24 crashed - flights of all combat aircraft had to be stopped.

Flights of Ukrainian military aviation alongside American strategic B-52 bombers near Crimea resulted in the loss of one front-line bomber for the Ukrainian Air Force. According to the data presented, which were not widely published by the media, the front-line bomber Su-24M, and according to other sources, the reconnaissance version of the Su-24MR, made an emergency landing due to identified technical problems of an unknown nature. As a result of the incident, the crew was not injured, however, the car was damaged (their nature is not announced - editor's note).

Apparently, the situation turned out to be very difficult, since Ukraine suspended flights of all combat aircraft of this type.

“The air force of brotherly Ukraine has suspended the operation of the Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft pending clarification of the reasons and circumstances of the flight accident with one of the vehicles that made an emergency landing on the Starokonstantinov avb at the beginning of the week. There were no serious consequences for the pilots and the aircraft, however, as the Ukrainian comrades assume, the flights of these machines will resume no earlier than September 22 ", - informs "Telegram" channel "Operational line."

Any details on this score from the Ukrainian Air Force command are not provided at the moment.