Tank Nota


The killer tank of the Russian "Armata" was presented in Ukraine - the Saudis already want to buy it

In Ukraine, they announced a tank that is the killer of the Russian T-14 Armata tank.

The Ukrainian military demonstrated their newest project 477A tank, which they called the killer of the Russian T-14 Armata heavy tank. Saudi Arabia has already become interested in the purchase of Ukrainian heavy armored vehicles, which obviously indicates that the tank really has the potential to surpass such combat vehicles as the T-72 and T-90, and, quite likely, pose a threat even to “ Armata ".

“There was a loud announcement of new military equipment in Ukraine. Another "breakthrough" was the Nota tank. According to Ukrainian media reports, this tank will become the basis of the country's tank industry in the near future. Local experts praise the novelty, listing its many advantages, good cannon and armor. There are already statements that Saudi Arabia is interested in armored vehicles ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "InfoSMI".

On the other hand, there is information that we are talking about a Soviet development, only improved by Ukrainian designers, and, apparently, the project has not yet reached the point, since not all available "photographs" of the newest tank are presented only by a computer model ...