Ukraine uses NATO cluster munitions banned by convention

The Ukrainian military uses cluster munitions prohibited by the convention.

Western cluster munitions banned by the Convention on Cluster Munitions began to be used in Ukraine. As it turned out, several NATO countries at once, including those that signed and ratified the agreement, decided to transfer their weapons to Ukraine, which began to actively use them to carry out attacks.

As it became known, 155-mm cluster munitions 155 BONUS were handed over to the Ukrainian military. The latter are capable of hitting targets at distances up to 35 kilometers and pose a rather serious danger. In fact, the NATO countries that transferred such ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine violated the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

In addition, the Ukrainian military released a video showing a similar cluster munition being used to destroy unknown vehicles. Judging by the video footage, the ammunition detonated in the air, after which the cassette part was hit by an unknown technique that was in the bushes.

Despite the fact that the actions of the Ukrainian and Western military are grossly violating the Convention on Cluster Munitions, so far there have been no complaints against European countries and Kyiv, which indicates the fact that the so-called. double standarts.


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