Plane crash


A military plane crashed in Ukraine, which could carry Bayraktar TB2 drones from Turkey

A military plane crashed at the Uzhgorod airport, which could carry Bayraktar TB2 attack drones from Turkey.

At the airport of the Ukrainian city of Uzhgorod, an An-12 military transport aircraft crashed, which was delivering a batch of military cargo to Ukraine. Taking into account the fact that Turkey announced the completion of the construction of three strike unmanned aerial vehicles for Ukraine Bayraktar tb2, the latter could well have been on board the crashed aircraft.

In the presented photos you can see the crashed Ukrainian military transport aircraft An-12 with registration number UR-11316. The latter, apparently, avoided receiving critical damage, however, in the coming months, its operation will become impossible due to damage to the landing gear and damage to the wing. The circumstances of the incident were not announced, however, in all likelihood, the technical reason was the culprit - the plane could not stop in time behind the runway and rolled out of its dimensions.

Journalists from the news agency managed to find out that the Ukrainian military aircraft was flying from Istanbul. At the same time, the internal space of the aircraft makes it possible to place three Bayraktar TB2 Turkish attack drones here, however, there are no official statements on this matter yet.