In Ukraine, a sapper robot was blown up by a German anti-tank mine AT2

The sapper robot unsuccessfully cleared an anti-tank mine.

After the Ukrainian military began to uncontrollably use the German MARS II MLRS to lay vast anti-tank minefields, one of the robotic systems designed for mine clearance was blown up by a German AT-2 mine. Specialized vehicles were critically damaged, apparently creating enough vibration for the mine to detonate, resulting in critical damage to the sapper robot.

Judging by the location of the robot, the latter did not run into a mine, but moved close to it. However, this was enough for the activated mine to work and cause damage to military equipment. At the same time, experts pay attention to the fact that with a fairly light design of the robot, the latter was not thrown off by the blast wave, moreover, for lightly armored vehicles, the damage is relatively small - all of them are caused rather by the blast wave. This may indicate that the mines used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine are completely ineffective against tank armor and a number of other military armored vehicles.

In which particular area a similar incident occurred is not specified, however, earlier German mines were discovered in the Kharkiv and Kherson regions.


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