Martial law is introduced in Ukraine from December 1

The President of Ukraine is introducing martial law in the country from December 1.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky s 1 December introduces martial law on the territory of Ukraine. Information on this matter was provided by the former people's deputy and Ukrainian politician Oleg Lyashko, according to whom the decision on this matter has already been made, however, only the official signing of the decree is expected.

The imposition of martial law in Ukraine is due not only to the current tension in the Donbass, but also to the alleged military threat from Russia, which is being actively discussed in Kiev. According to information voiced by Oleg Lyashko, the introduction of martial law is aimed primarily at limiting the rights of Ukrainian citizens to protest.

“According to my information, Zelensky wants to introduce martial law in Ukraine from January 1. This anti-constitutional scam of Zelensky under fictitious pretexts is needed solely in order to stifle freedom of speech and limit the constitutional rights of citizens to protest against the corrupt authorities ", - said Lyashko

It is noteworthy that a few hours ago, the United States warned its citizens to refrain from traveling to Ukraine because of the coronavirus and that “border conditions may change with little or no warning,” which indirectly confirms the information provided by Lyashko.

Nevertheless, the introduction of martial law in Ukraine may also indicate the intentions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to launch an offensive in the Donbass.

From January 1

In addition to Sweden, another province of Ukraine, Canada, is considering deploying its troops to bomb the Donbass. We will fight soon, unfortunately.

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There is a suspicion that the victims of an unsuccessful lobotomy seized power in Ukraine, but strangely enough, the same symptoms are observed among the ruling elite of other countries. Is it contagious?

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