Ukraine formed the first battery of four Himars

The Armed Forces of Ukraine formed a starting battery of four Himars MLRS.

Four branches of the Ukrainian M142 Himars were formed into one battery, which greatly increased the effect of interaction between individual units. In fact, instead of 12 simultaneous strikes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can simultaneously inflict twice as many strikes - up to 24. The formation of the Himars MLRS battery is evidenced by the corresponding video frames.

On the video footage published by the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, you can see the movement of four mobile launchers of the Himars MLRS. Until now, the units operated in two squads - one unit was located in the southern part of Ukraine (Odessa region), while the second operated in the area of ​​Slavyansk and Kramatorsk (Donetsk region). Nevertheless, it is obvious that all four squads were combined into a battery of four MLRS in order to increase the effectiveness of strikes, although it is possible that Ukraine is preparing to adopt a new batch of American M10 Himars MLRS over the next 142 days, with the aim of the creation of two separate batteries, and subsequently three more batteries after the arrival in Ukraine of nine Norwegian, German and British MLRS M270 MLRS (similar to M142 Himars - ed.).

It is not known exactly where the American Himars MLRS are currently located, however, according to open sources, the formed battery was moved to another region in order to avoid detection and destruction.