A petition has been created in Ukraine demanding a ban on the use of depleted uranium ammunition by Ukrainian troops

In Ukraine, they demand that the Armed Forces of Ukraine refuse to use ammunition with depleted uranium.

The petition was created to prevent the escalation of the conflict. Its creation became known on Monday, however, by now, the petition has been able to collect only 32 votes out of 25 necessary for it to be considered by the President of Ukraine, and therefore there are quite few chances for the petition to succeed.

“The use of such munitions is a crime against humanity and the planet and their use is unacceptable and immoral. I demand a positive consideration of this petition and take security measures to exclude the use of such ammunition by the Ukrainian army until the final consideration of the petition., the text of the petition says.

Ordinary Ukrainians fear that with the beginning of the use of such ammunition against the Russian army, Russia may begin to use much more destructive weapons against Ukrainian troops. Including, we can talk about the reciprocal use of similar ammunition, and in the worst case, this may even result in a nuclear conflict, since the Russian side has previously stressed that it will not tolerate the use of such projectiles due to the risk of soil contamination, not to mention an emergency toxicity of uranium dust.


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