A battery of the S-300 air defense system was destroyed in Ukraine


A battery of the S-300 air defense system was destroyed in Ukraine

Military correspondent of the Telegram channel “Whisper of the Front” Ruslan Tatarinov reported on a recent strike by Russian troops, as a result of which the Ukrainian S-300 battery under the command of Major Lavrienko was destroyed. Tatarinov claims that this blow was fatal for the major, who had previously survived a similar attack and underwent long-term rehabilitation.

The events took place in the village of Kamenskoye on April 20, information about which was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The military correspondent noted that this time the major was unable to avoid being hit, which led to his death.

In addition to this, Tatarinov focused on the fact that the Ukrainian army is suffering significant losses, but continues to persist, taking part in suicidal attacks, especially active in the Avdiivka direction. According to him, Russian troops actively use aviation to strike the enemy, which leads to high losses among the Ukrainian military and foreign mercenaries. It is separately mentioned that significant losses of foreign military personnel were observed during the operation in Slavyansk, which indicates the high intensity and cruelty of the clashes.


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