In Ukraine, a 152-mm self-propelled gun DANA was destroyed for the first time with a high-precision strike

NATO 152mm SpGH DANA destroyed in Ukraine by precision strike.

Thanks to the successful reconnaissance, the military managed to establish the position of the NATO 152-mm. SpGH DANA, previously delivered to Ukraine, and destroy a long-range artillery mount with a high-precision strike. The blow turned out to be so powerful that the fragments from the affected SpGH DANA scattered over a radius of more than hundreds of meters, which, by the way, was also captured on the corresponding video frames.

According to the presented video frames, the operator of the unmanned aerial vehicle was able to successfully locate the position of the 152-mm DANA self-propelled guns. A few moments later, a high-precision strike by an unknown ammunition was delivered to her location. As a result of an accurate hit, the self-propelled artillery mount was literally torn to pieces, as evidenced by fragments of armor scattered on both sides of the self-propelled guns.

According to some reports, this is the first documented case of the destruction of the 152-mm SpGH DANA in Ukraine, despite the fact that such weapons have been actively used for quite a long time.

According to official data, since 2022, the Ukrainian army has been armed with 25 DANA self-propelled artillery mounts.