In Ukraine, the first use of French air defense systems Crotale NG was noticed

The Ukrainian military began to use the French Crotale NG air defense systems.

These air defense systems were used during the last repulse of a massive strike on the territory of Ukraine. The reliable effectiveness of the use of these air defense systems is not disclosed. However, the video footage taken by the crew of this air defense complex showed the defeat of one cruise missile, one of the two anti-aircraft guided missiles fired.

In the video, you can see how the calculation of the Crotale NG air defense system captures the approach of a cruise missile and, after a few seconds, launches the first anti-aircraft guided missile at the target. The first missile, apparently, could not carry out the defeat, however, the second shot down the target. Moreover, apparently, the launch of missiles was carried out from a short distance, since the defeat of a cruise missile occurs almost instantly.

Previously, it was assumed that Ukraine would receive outdated versions of these air defense systems from France, however, as it turned out, we are talking about a fairly new version of the air defense system.

How many France transferred such air defense systems to Ukraine is not specified.


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