American armored vehicles with foreign military and police seen in Ukraine

American armored vehicles International MaxxPro with foreign military and mercenaries began to arrive in Ukraine.

Against the background of how Turkey provided Ukraine with 200 of its armored vehicles (at the moment it is known about the delivery of 50 armored vehicles), it also became known that similar weapons were sent to Ukraine by the US military. This, as it turned out, is about International MaxxPro armored vehicles, however, much more remarkable is the presence of a foreign policeman and foreign military in one of the photographs, although it is known for certain that the photograph was taken on the territory of Ukraine.

In the presented photo, you can see the first evidence of the arrival of American International MaxxPro armored vehicles in Ukraine. There are also foreign military personnel, as well as one of the policemen of an unnamed country, as evidenced by the corresponding inscription "Polis" on the bulletproof vest and unloading. This, more than likely, is a Turkish citizen dressed in a police uniform, but a number of other countries, such as Sweden, have a similar name for the police. In addition, two foreign soldiers are also present in the frame. This is direct evidence that foreign troops are on the territory of Ukraine.

At the moment, there are no official comments on this subject from the Ukrainian military and authorities.


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