In Ukraine, they noticed the "ancient" T-62s, which Ukraine and Russia officially do not have

A train with T-62 tanks was spotted on the territory of Ukraine.

A train with T-62 tanks, which have not been officially in service with Ukraine and Russia for more than 20 years, was captured on the video of local residents. These tanks were officially adopted by the USSR in the 60s of the last century and, starting from the 2000s, were no longer used by Ukraine and Russia in the troops, in connection with which a number of questions arose about the ownership of this equipment.

On the presented video frames, you can see a huge train transporting T-62 tanks. The exact number of tanks moved is not disclosed, however, based on the video, we are talking about at least 28 armored vehicles. The current status of these tanks remains unknown, however, the latter are completely vulnerable to anti-tank weapons, mines, hand grenade launchers and even heavy machine guns.

It is not known exactly where such video frames were made, however, such military equipment is absolutely unsuitable for the effective conduct of modern military operations, in connection with which a number of questions arose about its subsequent use.

To date, T-62 tanks are in service with 14 countries, but neither Russia nor Ukraine officially has this military equipment.