American long-range shells M549A1 arrived in Ukraine

Along with the M777 howitzers, long-range M549A1 shells also arrived in Ukraine.

The United States provided Ukraine with several tens of thousands of M549A1 long-range active-rocket projectiles with a flight range of up to 30 kilometers. This greatly expands the Ukrainian military's strike capabilities, increasing the area covered by the destruction of targets by almost 17 square kilometers, compared with the use of standard ammunition.

Initially, it was assumed that standard ammunition capable of striking at ranges up to 24.7 kilometers would be sent to Ukraine, however, later on one of the photographs M549A1 active rockets with a flight range of up to 30 kilometers were seen, and the source said that, on a par with Thousands of long-range shells also arrived in Ukraine with conventional ammunition.

According to official data, in total, the United States delivered to Ukraine 90 light towed 155-mm howitzers. This, given the relatively high mobility of the latter, can pose a serious threat to the regions already taken under the control of the Russian military, as well as the forces of the Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics .

Experts believe that the issue of detecting and eliminating weapons delivered to Ukraine requires only some time, however, Ukrainian sources report that the weapons that have arrived are already being actively used.