NATO analogues of the Russian Krasnopol arrived in Ukraine with twice the range and twice the power

Analogues of the Russian Krasnopols arrived in Ukraine, but with twice the range.

Canada decided to transfer to Ukraine 20 artillery ammunition for M777 light field howitzers, of which, according to, at least 2-2,5 corrected M982 Excalibur ammunition, which are analogues of the Russian Krasnopol ammunition, but have unlike Russian weapons, twice the range and twice the power.

At the moment, it is known that Canada specifically purchased 20 thousand ammunition for 155-mm from the United States. M777 field howitzers, which have already been partially transferred to Ukraine. Among these munitions, there are about 2-2,5 thousand adjustable M982 Excalibur munitions of various types, with a range of 36 kilometers (Block Ib) to 60 kilometers (Block Ia-2).

At its core, the M982 Excalibur ammunition is an analogue of the Russian Krasnopol corrected ammunition. However, if the Russian corrected artillery ammunition has a warhead weight of 9 to 11 kilograms, with a maximum target engagement range of 25 kilometers, then the American M982 Excalibur ammunition has these figures twice as high - the mass of the warhead is 22 kilograms, and the range reaches 70 kilometers (for modern ammunition options - ed.).

“The supply of such ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine makes it possible to strike deep in the rear, and given that the United States, Israel, Sweden and the United Kingdom provide Ukraine with operational intelligence and spotter drones, this poses a very serious threat.”, - the expert marks.