In the Urals, the plane dipped into the water


In the Urals, the plane dipped into the water

January 1 2014. Unique operation performed by divers in the Urals. Antonov An-2 dipped under water - at the bottom of the quarry filled with water.

The aircraft, which weighs 500 kg, immersed to the base of the Ural divers. During the procedure, the accuracy is very important, otherwise the boat may capsize, and its restoration to its original position - a laborious process. Time that should be spent on immersion - more than two hours.

The diving society has purchased an aircraft that is no longer in the air. The cost of the decommissioned vessel was 100 thousand rubles. Divers used pontoons to dive.

For those who are just starting to dive, An-2 become trainer and experienced divers on the dive will get a lot of impressions.

Guide diving club reports that soon everyone will be open access to the underwater plane.