The video shows the flight of the Azerbaijani military after a powerful counterattack by Armenia

The attack by the Armenian military put the Azerbaijani army to flight.

The news agency obtained a video recording of the flight of Azerbaijani soldiers who abandoned serviceable military equipment after a large-scale counteroffensive at their positions.

On the presented video frames, you can see abandoned military trucks and armored vehicles of the Azerbaijani army. According to sources, the latter is in good working order, against the background of which the Azerbaijani servicemen were accused of cowardice and desertion, and this is not the first time when the Azerbaijani military hastily abandoned their positions and equipment.

Apparently, we are talking about one of the border regions of Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia, where the Azerbaijani military was really staying for several hours, after which a forced retreat was announced.

To date, Azerbaijan has occupied about 20% of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, and fighting continues on about 20% of the territory, which could potentially come under the control of Baku within a few days.

If you know, then you should understand that the military equipment of the Azerbaijani army is not so painted. And also all equipment with a distinctive sign. Filmed what they want to see in a dream.

There was already a message that it was a large RDG. Upon detection, they abandoned the equipment and left the road. Therefore, the cartridges were fired near only one car (covering the flight), and there are no Azerbaijani designations on the equipment.

They dreamed in a dream))))))) decided to pass the dream off as reality)))))

Another fake. All armored vehicles of the Azerbaijani army and tanks are depicted with the Azerbaijani flag. If they really got scared and ran away, then soon the Armenians will win. Then why bother and cry for help to the whole world. After all, the Armenian army is the most "invincible".

it was in the XNUMXst it was easier to get away on equipment when there were no drones and accurate artillery

at 45 seconds, on the right side, the ghost of an Azerbaijani soldier passes through the rocks, this is proof

And to burn, so that the enemy did not get it, did not have enough intelligence, or were in too much of a hurry to escape?

And what is the flight? Like the technique was abandoned? If they threw it, then the ammunition was shot and the fuel ran out and so they threw it. It's easier to get away with the technique! This is if something is not clear to someone.

At least there is no mountain of corpses and the technicians will bring more

how will it determine that it is the Azerbaijani army?