Russian ship spotted at naval base in South Africa with disabled identification systems

A Russian ship under sanctions has been spotted at a South African naval base.

The appearance here of the Russian ship LADY R, designed to carry both civil and military cargo, raised a number of questions. This is primarily due to the fact that earlier sanctions were imposed on this Russian ship, as a result of which its appearance at the South African naval base is very unusual. Moreover, in fact, the system for automatically determining the location of the Russian ship was turned off, however, thanks to satellites, it was established that the Russian ship was indeed located at the base of the South African Navy, and later the same information was confirmed by the information of local residents who published a photo of the ship.

The ship arrived at Simon's Town, South Africa's largest naval base, on Tuesday, according to French news agency France Presse. According to French sources, at night, cranes unloaded cargo from it onto trucks guarded by armed men. The Ministry of Defense and the Navy of South Africa have not yet commented on such information.

The Russian company that owns the ship has not yet made any statements in this regard.


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