At the military airfield of Belarus, 20 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, equipment caught fire

A fire broke out at the Zyabrovka military airfield, 20 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

The fire occurred at night under very mysterious circumstances, while the Ministry of Defense of Belarus confirmed the fact of ignition, but no circumstances of the incident were commented on. Air defense systems S-300, S-400 and ZRPK "Shell", as well as, according to a number of data, operational-tactical missile systems are based at the airfield.

Local residents report at least eight claps accompanied by outbreaks, however, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus officially confirmed only the fact of fire, noting that military equipment caught fire, refuting the initial reports of possible shelling from Ukraine or the detonation of ammunition and missiles.

“In connection with the requests received by the Ministry of Defense about the outbreaks that occurred in the Zyabrovka area of ​​the Gomel region, we inform you that on August 10, at about 23:XNUMX, during the control run of one of the pieces of equipment after the engine was replaced, it ignited. Fire extinguishing measures were taken by personnel in a timely manner. There are no casualties", - reports the Ministry of Defense of Belarus.

It is unclear how badly the fireworks were damaged.


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