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Strange activity spotted at military bases in Syria

Strange activity has been noted at military bases and facilities in Syria.

Against the backdrop of the start of the Turkish military operation in Syria and the emergence of information about Israel's planned powerful strikes against the Arab Republic due to the activation of Iranian military and pro-Iranian groups near the western borders of Syria, anomalous activity was noticed on the territory of the vast majority of military bases and facilities of this Middle Eastern state.

According to Syrian sources, there is a transfer of weapons and military personnel from the central, northern and southern parts of the country to the western borders. We are not talking about rotation, since the presence of the Syrian army on part of the military facilities has been reduced to the level of personnel required only to protect military bases and facilities. At the same time, there is an active withdrawal of air defense systems - the latter are moving to the area of ​​the Syrian coast, as well as to the border with Lebanon and Israel.

This information is also confirmed by satellite data. In particular, in the pictures you can see that some of the SAR military facilities are almost completely empty.

At the moment, there is no official data on this subject, however, according to experts, such activity may indicate that the Arab Republic is preparing for a conflict in the western direction.