Not accepted for service: Turkey refuses to pay Russia for purchased S-400?

Turkey will not pay Russia for the delivered S-400 air defense systems.

According to the source, Turkey did not pay Russia for the S-400 systems delivered to the country, despite the loan provided by Russia. The reason for this is the fact that the systems have not yet been put on combat duty in this country, and according to the contract, again, according to the source, Ankara may delay the payment of Russian weapons.

Experts believe that Turkey specifically chose a similar strategy, being immediately between two fires, on the one hand, not taking Russian complexes on combat duty due to the fact that in this case it would have to pay off the Russian loan, and on the other, realizing that if the Triumphs are adopted, the United States will immediately impose sanctions, which will hit the Turkish economy very painfully.

There is no official confirmation of this data, however. quite noteworthy is the fact that a few months earlier, Turkish media reported that Turkey wants to get a loan from the United States in the amount of almost $ 10 billion, realizing that this will support the country's economy in the event of the imposition of Washington sanctions and at the same time will make it possible to pay with Russia for the delivered complexes. In the case of the adoption of the S-400 for arms, Turkey will be forced to start paying Russia and at the same time 100% left without American money.

Earlier, Western news media reported that Turkey plans to postpone the adoption of the S-400 in service until the end of this year, due to ongoing tests of Russian air defense | missile defense systems.