80 caliber


A new multiple launch rocket system may enter service in the Russian army

In Russia, the development of a new light MLRS of 80-mm caliber began.

The development of a new MLRS was undertaken at the NPO "Splav" named after A. N. Ganichev - there they created all the multiple launch rocket systems in service with the Russian troops. Currently, the development is going through the stage of determining the technical appearance of the complex, then the stage of creating a prototype and testing it will follow. If the proposed characteristics satisfy the military, the work will continue.

The executive director of Tekhmash, Alexander Kochkin, told RIA Novosti that representatives of the Ministry of Defense were shown the concept of a new light MLRS and its initial appearance. The military demanded to equip the complex with a wheeled chassis as a base one and determined the range of tasks that the complex should cope with. With an emphasis on these requirements, a new mini-system will be created.

It became known that the new light MLRS will be installed on cars and use unguided aircraft missiles of the S-8 type of 80-mm caliber as ammunition. It is also possible that in the future, special ammunition of increased power and range will be developed for the new complex.

Note that in 2018, under the control of the Ministry of Defense, tests of the new NAR S-8OFP "Armor-Piercer", used to destroy surface ships and light armored vehicles at a distance of up to 6 km, were completed. It is special in that, depending on the task, it can explode in front of an obstacle, when it hits an obstacle or behind an obstacle. This is a new missile in the C-8 family, which differs from the previous samples with an increased charge power (5-6 times more from the basic version).