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Only 222 tanks were in service with France, some of which cannot be used in combat.

France had problems with armored forces.

The reports of the French Ministry of Defense made it possible to establish that the French army is armed with only a little more than 220 tanks, which is almost 17 times less than in service with Russia. Moreover, judging by the data of a number of French sources, several dozen heavy combat vehicles are simply unsuitable for combat, which makes France perhaps the weakest among the NATO countries in this regard.

Previously, French threats directed at Russia regarding the introduction of NATO forces into the Donbass turned out to be completely unfounded, since there are very few such weapons even for France's own needs.

“Any threats of France to send its troops to the Donbass or to demonstrate force to Russia turned out to be completely empty. Poland is armed with much more tanks. This indicates that the military potential of this country, which is a member of NATO, is at an extremely low level., - notes the specialist

A few days earlier, it became known that Russia had transferred three tank regiments to the border with Ukraine, which already almost exceeds the number of combat-ready tanks in all of France.

Judging by the data of the French Ministry of Defense, in the rest of the weapons, the country is also colossally behind Russia, and perhaps the only exception is the superiority of France in the number of unmanned aerial vehicles in service, however, and this is highly debatable, since the vast majority of drones are miniature aircraft. devices.

why take so little more, 1 to 100 right away

1 French "Leclerc" in a real battle costs 7 Russian T-90s (the experience of the Arab-Israeli wars on older models of tanks), because the French need to transfer 100 of their tanks to balance 700 Russian tanks

Everyone is hoping that someone will give you something.

Why should France have a large number of tanks? It is surrounded by allied countries, which include the European Union and NATO, like the fund itself.
They simply don't need it.

They are in NATO, they will need tanks, they will drive them there.

the bottom of the USSR in 90 had 60 thousand tanks and where is now the great and mighty



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