Complex CH-AS-X-13


China has an analog of the Russian Dagger complex

China has its own "Dagger", but much more powerful.

The Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) received the first heavy bombers H-6N. In the equipment of these aircraft are aeroballistic missiles CH-AS-X-13. These complexes are a certain analogue of the Russian Dagger systems, which are the aviation variant of the Iskander complex with X-47M missiles. At the same time, the Chinese version is superior to the Russian one in combat power, reports «»

CH-AS-X-13 missiles equipped with bombers can carry nuclear warheads. That is, the PLA has been provided with effective means of delivering nuclear warheads. This is the third component of the nuclear triad - air. The H-6 bomber was upgraded to the H-6N version to use it as a carrier of a ballistic missile. The aircraft has new, more powerful engines, new avionics, some improvements have been made in the design. This has increased the payload and range. Decreased and maintenance requirements for the machine.

When creating the CH-AS-X-13, a ground-based ballistic missile DF-21 was used as the base model. This is one of two medium-range missiles that are in service with China.