Armed with Libya, the Ukrainian S-125 appeared against the Russian MiG-29 and Su-24

Turkey bought from Ukraine the world's only air defense system, which shot down the "stealth".

The Turkish side acquired and handed over to Libya Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile systems, which are by far the only ones that have managed to take part in real hostilities and hit a stealth plane. We are talking about the modernized Soviet S-125 air defense systems, which have already been deployed in important strategic directions of the Libyan National Accord Government forces and in the area of ​​Al-Jufra air base, where the Libyan National Army fighters MiG-29 and Su-24 bombers are located, although the latter Haftar’s army never had.

It follows from the Turkish press that Ukraine sold six S-125 air defense batteries to Turkey, and although the latter have a relatively small radius of destruction of aerodynamic targets, these systems are capable of seeing enemy aircraft at a distance of up to 100 kilometers, in addition, the Soviet-designed complex has one a clear advantage - it is the only one today that has managed to successfully detect, capture and hit a stealth plane, which until now was considered the most invulnerable in the world.

Another thing is quite remarkable - at the maximum height of the defeat of aerodynamic targets, the S-125 complexes can be used by Turkey or the PNS against planes of the Russian Ministry of Defense, making regular flights to the Libyan National Army air force bases, and this is already a very big threat to the Russian military.

For me, the system is outdated and it is easiest to disable an anti-radar missile, or to fire a volley from a hurricane ...

Some glitches - who and when saw our planes in Libya? And where does the "stealth" plane ", if it's American? Ukrainians shoved the old junk to the Turks!

So after all, the Russian Defense Ministry swears that no Russian planes fly to Libya ...