Tanks and Putin


The arms of the Libyan National Army appeared mysterious Soviet T-62 tanks - they are completely new. Video

In service with the Haftar army, the new T-62 tanks were noticed - they weren’t produced for 45 years.

The active support of the Libyan National Army by countries such as China, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Russia, allow it to successfully confront Turkey and the forces of the Government of National Accord of Libya. Until recently, it was believed that the basis of Haftar’s armored forces were already worn and battered combat vehicles, however, one of the videos recorded completely new T-62 tanks, the production of which had ceased 45 years ago.

“Now the sixty-second seems to be becoming the main. This conclusion can be made by reading the video materials of the LNA information bureau. Last Saturday, Haftar made inspection trips to the locations of his units. He visited one of the units where the armed tanks were presented. In total, you can count twenty cars in the video. Three of them are T-55, sixteen T-62 and only one T-72 "- сообщает Russian information publication “Russian weapons”.

Experts draw attention to the fact that none of the tanks have identification marks, moreover, some of the combat vehicles (painted with dark green paint) have clearly already managed to go into battle, while the other part of combat vehicles (painted in a light shade of green - Ed.) Was clearly removed from storage. Given the fact that only Russia and Egypt have such tanks from Haftar’s partner countries, it is likely that either of these parties could indeed rearm the Libyan National Army. It is possible that only a part of the new tanks are located on the parade ground, since so many armored vehicles are unlikely to change the balance of power in Libya in favor of Haftar.

It should be clarified that the T-62 tanks have successfully established themselves in Libya, creating a threat to even much more modern combat vehicles.