Military UAV TRAMP appeared in service with Russia

For the needs of the Russian military, the TRAMP drone has been created.

Russian designers have developed a military unmanned aerial vehicle TRAMP for the needs of the Russian Armed Forces. The unmanned aerial vehicle is designed to transport heavy loads at distances up to 600 kilometers and today has no analogues in the world.

According to the data presented, TRAMP (transport aviation multifunctional platform - ed.) is a long-range transport drone. It is capable of transporting goods weighing up to 250 kilograms at distances exceeding a distance of 600 kilometers. The maximum flight speed of the TRAMP drone is 195 km / h, with a flight ceiling of 3000 meters. Due to the presence of a transport compartment with a volume of over 2,5 cubic meters, a wide variety of cargo can be placed on board.

The Russian TRAMP drone can be extremely effective, as it can transport very large cargo, including to hard-to-reach areas. At the same time, the logistical task is not only greatly simplified, but the process itself is significantly cheaper.


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