In service with Russia noticed a new tactical cruise missile

The Russian military has a new tactical cruise missile.

During the visit of Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, to a defense enterprise in Dubna, the latter was shown not only the missile weapons available to Russia, but also the latest tactical cruise missile. The latter accidentally got into the photographs, however, absolutely nothing is known about its development or existence.

In the presented picture you can see a tactical type missile product. The missile quite strongly resembles those types of tactical cruise missiles that are in service with Russia, including the Kalibr tactical cruise missile, Kh-101, etc. However, this missile product is distinguished from existing missiles by some design features . Despite the fact that quite a lot of attention was paid to the study of images with a rocket product, it was not possible to establish the type of rocket, and even more so, its characteristics.

The fact that the Russian military is actively developing new tactical-level missiles indicates that a lot of attention is being paid to this, especially given the combat use of tactical missile weapons in the conflict with Ukraine.


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