The armament of the Russian army will have weapons based on new physical principles

The appearance in service of the Russian army of weapons based on new physical principles was announced.

The active development of unique technologies allowed the Russian military to seriously advance in the development of new types of weapons, and, for this, new physical principles are used. Earlier, the resource, citing its own sources in the military-industrial sphere, has already reported that the Russian military is engaged in the development of new advanced air defense systems that will use new physical principles, however, official confirmation of this information appeared only now.

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the military-industrial complex in the Government of the Russian Federation, Yuri Borisov, has officially announced that the Russian military will develop, and probably are already engaged in, the latest types of weapons, including those based on new physical principles.

“The main priorities will be such areas as the development of high-precision weapons, including hypersonic ones, the introduction of robotic systems, weapons based on new physical principles. The development of weapons systems will largely be focused on the creation of qualitatively new, including non-traditional types of weapons, as well as control systems based on artificial intelligence ", - said Yuri Borisov.

Apparently, this is just about air defense systems, radars and electronic warfare systems, however, the likelihood of intensification of work in the field of energy, electromagnetic and microwave weapons is also possible, since today these areas are practically not used in weapons systems , but at the same time are very promising areas.