The Russian army is armed with at least 200 Geran attack drones

Russia has hundreds of Geran-2 kamikaze drones.

Experts drew attention to the serial numbers of drones that had already hit their targets, based on which it can be seen that there are “two-hundredth” numbers here, indicating that Russia still has a lot of attack drones of this type.

For a relatively short time using kamikaze drones, it became known that these attack aircraft are highly effective, as they successfully hit even heavy armored vehicles.

Judging by the serial numbers of the drones, by the time such UAVs began to be used, the Russian military had at least two hundred drones. "Geranium-2", although the actual number of the latter may be much larger.

The Ukrainian military is extremely unhappy with the use of such UAVs for strikes, since the aircraft have high maneuverability and speed, and air defense systems simply do not see them.

It is not known how many times the Geran-2 drones have been used to date, however, nothing was known about the presence of such a drone in service with the Russian military.