Dozens of Elbrus tactical missiles are in service with the Afghan resistance forces

Afghan militias could kill tens of thousands of Taliban fighters in a matter of hours.

The front of national resistance of Afghanistan was armed with several dozen Soviet tactical short-range ballistic missiles "Elbrus", one powerful blow of which could destroy the main forces of the Taliban throughout Afghanistan. For unknown reasons, the resistance forces not only did not take advantage of this opportunity, but also lost this weapon and now the Taliban terrorists own the latter.

The video footage shows how the Taliban managed to locate and capture about 20 ballistic missiles of the Soviet Elbrus OTRK. Judging from the video presented, some of the missiles are probably unusable, although the rest, at least visually, may well be used for strikes.

If the militia used these weapons, then in a few minutes the Taliban could easily lose about 10-12 thousand militants, especially considering the fact that there were thousands of terrorists in the places where they appeared.

So far, there are no official comments from the representatives of the National Resistance Front on this matter. Experts pay attention to the lack of launchers. Probably, for this reason, the militia did not use this weapon.

Nevertheless, given the rather close ties between the Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) And Al-Qaeda (a terrorist organization banned in Russia - ed.), There is a risk that terrorists can transfer weapons to other militants and this poses a very serious threat, especially since about two weeks ago one of the leaders of al-Qaeda was seen in Afghanistan with a visit to the Taliban.

Launchers, command post, command vehicles, tankers and trained people are a complex, not a cannon with a projectile! Do they have this?