Long-range aviation Soviet missiles found in service with Ukraine

The Slovak MiG-29 fighters transferred to the Ukrainian Air Force will be armed with long-range aircraft missiles R-27.

Against the background of the statement of the Slovak authorities that all the MiG-29 fighters in service with the Slovak Air Force will be transferred to Ukraine, it became known that Ukraine may have about a hundred long-range cruise missiles R-27, which, depending on their type (the Ukrainian Air Force has 4 variants of the R-27 missiles - ed.), can hit air targets at distances from 50 to 95 kilometers. The key task that will be assigned to the MiG-29 fighters may be the interception of cruise missiles, which, by the way, the latter can quite cope with.

At the moment, it is known that, in addition to the Soviet versions of the R-27 missiles, Ukraine is also armed with the R-27ER1 missiles (range up to 95 kilometers), R-27ET1 (range up to 90 kilometers), R-27R1 (range up to 60 kilometers) and R-27T1 (range up to 50 kilometers). It is estimated that up to a hundred missiles of various types may be in service with the Ukrainian Air Force, and the latter may well be used to intercept cruise missiles, which are currently actively used to strike at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military infrastructure of Ukraine. It is because of the serious shortage of combat aircraft that the Ukrainian Air Force does not use fighters for interceptions, however, with the supply of Slovak fighters, the situation may change.

Much greater concern is the fact that the MiG-29 fighters can be used to launch cruise anti-radar missiles previously supplied by the United States, as already reported in the Pentagon, since such aircraft could well have been modernized in Slovakia.


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