Two OTRK Grom-2 appeared in service with Ukraine - missiles for them are produced in Poland

Missiles have appeared in the arsenal of Ukraine that can reach Sevastopol.

After the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirmed the fact that Ukraine had the Grom-2 tactical missile systems and missiles for them, it became known that the complexes themselves had been in Ukraine since 2022. However, due to attacks on critical infrastructure and military plants, Ukraine had neither missiles nor the ability to produce them. Nevertheless, over the course of a year, Kyiv managed to establish the production of tactical missiles on the territory of neighboring Poland, and given the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine today have two launchers, this is an extremely serious threat.

The exact number of missiles in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine is still unknown, however, given the start of their production, it is likely that Ukraine will receive a fairly large number of tactical missiles with a maximum strike range of 280 kilometers.

It is noteworthy that after the explosion that thundered the day before in Gvardeisky, a version appeared that the strike was carried out by the Grom-2 OTRK missile, however, according to the official version, a drone was used to attack Crimea.


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